Solar Pump System

TMI Solutions provides clients with electrical pumps connected to solar pumps for cost-effective pump set-up and sustainability. In addition to doing your part for the environment, with a solar pump system, you’ll ensure your pumping needs continue to be met even in the absence of electricity. This is important to consider, as South Africa’s electricity supply is becoming less and less reliable.


Additionally, solar pump systems are ideal where an electrical connection is not readily available, especially with external features such as fountains and aerators. We have also been able to give our clients a lot of value through tailored combinations of irrigation projects and solar pump systems.


The value not only includes a reliable irrigation setup but also significantly reduced running costs. At TMI solutions, we pride ourselves on the most affordable solar pump solution for any price point. While solar pumps systems carry the disadvantages of the high cost of initial investment, when you consider running, maintenance and replacement cost, they make up for this initial outlay.