Booster Pump System

Booster pumps are designed to improve flow rates by increasing the pressure of a liquid. Booster pumps work much like a fan with blades that draw water in and pump it out at increased pressure using centrifugal force.

Our pressure booster systems are automated to boost pressure at the outlet valve when a tap is opened, saving energy and running costs by avoiding the need for the pump system to continuously run even when not needed.

A control switch system is installed with the plant to protect it from overloading because of continuously switching on and off. Booster systems have several uses, including:

1. Residential water supply to multi-story residential complexes.

2. Commercial high-rise buildings that have to deliver water at high altitudes.

3. Maintaining pressure in hotels, resorts and other hospitality establishments with large water demand.

4. Municipal pump stations that are built to pump water over long distances.

5. Rainwater harvesting and irrigation applications.

6. Multiple commercial establishments that need large quantities of water at high pressure for health, sanitation, and fire safety.